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David AbramsonDear Friends:

Welcome to our ICRF Chicago page! We invite you to become part of our community so that together we can support Israeli scientists in their tireless efforts to find more cures and treatments for cancer.

The purpose of our chapter is to raise funds to support scientists who live and work in Israel. We believe in the possibility that this generation will help rid the world of cancer. We base our belief in the success achieved by ICRF scientists to date.

Our volunteers share a single precept: to ensure that scientists remain scientists, and not have to become fundraisers. As volunteers, we pledge to support their efforts so that they can remain free of funding concerns. Through the power of our collaboration, we believe, cancer can become manageable, treatable and someday, eradicated.

We hope you never face the devastation cancer represents. We hope that your inspiration to join us comes from your passion to want to make a difference in the world of scientific research against cancer.

We look forward to sharing the progress of ICRF-funded scientists with you and invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the research advances made possible by ICRF supporters.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our ICRF Chicago Chapter activities, please visit “Contact Us” to reach our team.


David Abramson
Chair, ICRF Chicago Chapter

  • Chair

    David Abramson

  • Secretary

    David Reich

  • Board Members

    Jessica Altman, MD
    Bruce Barron
    Zivit Blonder
    Brian Bromberg
    Richard Edelheit
    Sam Fields
    Dubi Fishel
    Paul T. Fox
    Keith Goode
    Gary Grad, MD
    David Hakimian, MD
    Richard Herman, PhD
    Katie Intrater
    Leemor Katz
    Jeffrey Kriezelman
    Michael Nortman
    Marc Pershan
    Sam Pfeffer
    Michelle Primack
    Jaime Rhum
    Jeff Robbins
    Chip Serlin
    Bob Socol
    David Zadikoff

Visions Chicago Young Leadership Board

Chicago Visions Board

Katie Intrater

Keith Goode

Revolving Tables 2020 Co-Chairs
Janie Bock
Zack Karmin

Board Members
Samantha Barron
Jamie Barron
Jamie Fuhrman
Alex Garvin
Ben Ginsburg
Stephanie Hunter
Taryn Hyman
Amy Levin
Marnie Levine
Mike Levy
Monica Micek
Nate Mostow
Sarah Petty
Scott Polisky
Emily Rubin
Josh Rubin
Jordan Sheiner
Steve Steinberg

To learn more about Visions Chicago, contact: [email protected]


The only answer to cancer is research. Support groundbreaking cancer research in Israel today!