Our Mission

Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) supports the best and brightest scientists conducting groundbreaking cancer research in Israel.

Our Vision

Our goal is to end the suffering caused by cancer.

About Us

The Israel Cancer Research Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 by Dr. Daniel G. Miller and a group of American and Canadian physicians, scientists and philanthropists, who recognized the extraordinary accomplishments and unique global impact of science in Israel. During their initial visit in the early 1970’s, Dr. Miller made two critical observations: the exodus of talented Israeli scientists, due to severe lack of funding and the opportunity to stem that exodus by providing financial support to those brilliant men and women who remain in Israel. Since then, their vision has helped enable Israel to become a world leader in cancer research. Now, hundreds of Israeli scientists across all fields of cancer are inspired by North American funding and are conducting their research in world-class Israeli institutions.

To date, ICRF has awarded more than $93 million in funding for over 2,800 grants to hundreds of Israeli scientists who have conducted groundbreaking research. We support individuals at all of the leading research institutions in Israel, enabling us to invest directly in the very best scientists and ideas each year. Our rigorous grantmaking process is overseen by our volunteer Scientific Review Panel (SRP), a group of leading physicians and scientists from major research institutions throughout North America. These prominent professionals collectively donate thousands of hours to review each grant application in an intensive peer-review process modeled after that of U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The Answer to Cancer is Research.

Today, ICRF is the largest nongovernmental source of cancer research funding in Israel. ICRF-funded scientists have been instrumental in the development of breakthrough FDA-approved drugs Gleevec©, Doxil© and Velcade© and include the first two Israeli Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry. ICRF grantees continue to make major breakthroughs and are at the forefront of cancer discoveries in nano-medicine, immunotherapy, stem cell research and targeted therapies.

ICRF is internationally headquartered in New York City, with active chapters across the United States, Canada and Israel. In addition to an International Board of Trustees, our work is guided by Boards of Trustees for each chapter, as well as scientific leadership provided by an International Scientific Council (ISC) and Scientific Review Panel (SRP).

“I have a naïve faith that the answer to cancer will come from Israel, because Israel has given to humanity a concept of celebrating life.”

Elie Wiesel

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