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Dear Friends,Julia Weksler  Lisa Oved

Thank you for your interest in Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF).

We invite you to meet ICRF-funded scientists, their projects and the breakthrough results of the more than 2,700 ICRF grants awarded since our founding.

We prize the many achievements of ICRF-funded scientists in the development of world recognized drug therapies and protocols to fight the scourge that cancer perpetrates against humankind. ICRF cancer research grants positively impact our mission of eradicating cancer.

ICRF’s Scientific Review Panel of 50 prominent U.S. and Canadian cancer researchers and oncologists from world renown cancer centers annually review over 150 project proposals from researchers, working in institutions all over Israel. Their objective: scrutinize and identify the most promising projects.

As the Co-Chairs of ICRF’s New York Chapter, our role is to raise ICRF’s profile and donor base in this, one of the most philanthropic cities in the world. Our NY Chapter Board and staff present a range of informative and inspirational programs and events:

  • Meetings with ICRF’s brilliant grant-recipient scientists,
  • Barbara S. Goodman Donor Recognition & Scientific Awards Evening,
  • Evening of Inspiration and Tower of Hope Galas, and
  • Visions events to engage ICRF’s next generation leadership.

We are grateful to you, our donors and supporters. Your contributions ensure that ICRF can increase support for lifesaving cancer research in Israel. The number of annual ICRF research grants has grown consistently as the message of breakthroughs from Israel’s booming medical research community gathers momentum.

Please contact us. We want to learn what interests you. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our work and discuss how you can help.

Consider making a donation and partner with ICRF to realize the hope that Elie Wiesel so eloquently expressed:

“I have a naïve faith that the answer to cancer will come from Israel because Israel has given to humanity a concept of celebrating life.”


Lisa Oved and Julia Weksler
Co-Chairs, ICRF New York Chapter

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Shawn Weinstein

Visions NY Chair message

To learn more about Visions New York, contact Deidre Heiss Densen at [email protected].

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