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September 17, 2020

Israeli researchers are discovering how stress affects the body’s fight against COVID-19

JTA | Larry Luxner

Yafit Gilboa, PhDResearch by Yafit Gilboa of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University on cognitive decline among cancer survivors has taken on added urgency in the age of the coronavirus. (Courtesy of Yafit Gilboa)

“It’s gratifying and exciting to see that ICRF-funded scientists have developed, based on their cancer research, broad, conceptual approaches that can be adapted to meet novel, emerging research needs such as COVID-19.”

Mark A, Israel, MD
ICRF National Executive Director

“We are working on the connection between one’s mental state and how the immune system fights bacteria and tumors. In recent years, it has become clear from various epidemiological studies that one’s mental state actually affects the ability to cope with cancer. The question is how.”

Asya Rolls, PhD
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

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