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October 31, 2022

Amit Tirosh, MD

Chaim Sheba Medical Center

ICRF Clinical Research Career Development Award Recipient

Amit Tirosh, MD, now in the second year of an ICRF Clinical Research Career Development Award at Chaim Sheba Medical Center, is focusing on a hereditary syndrome called von Hippel-Lindau (or VHL). Patients with VHL have a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, compared with the general population.  Using tumor samples taken from patients with VHL, he found a specific compound that can potentially drive tumor development and believes that it can be blocked using specific drugs.  He will continue to analyze the data derived from tumor samples using the most advanced genomic techniques available today, in order to gain additional insights on the molecular mechanisms that cause pancreatic tumors to develop, with the ultimate goal of testing potential drugs to reverse tumor progression.

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