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March 1, 2022

March is Colorectal Awareness Month

Colorectal Cancer Statistics

  • The older the person, the greater the risk (however, by 2030, cases of colorectal cancer in people under 50 are expected to double)
  • Medical guidelines now recommend screening at age 45.
  • With regular screening, most polyps can be removed before developing into cancer (or in early stages of cancer).
  • Personal history of polyps and irritable bowel disease increase risk.
  • Diet and exercise may lower your risk of colon cancer.
  • Treatments include image-guide therapies (CT and MRIs), radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and target therapy.

Spotlight on ICRF-Funded Scientists Working on Colorectal Cancer

Michal Baniyash, PhD
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Professorship Grant

Sivia Barnoy, RN, PhD

Sivia Barnoy, RN, PhD
Tel Aviv University
Project Grant

Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, PhD
Tel Aviv University
Project Grant

Yonatan Stelzer, PhD
Weizmann Institute of Science
Research Career Development Award

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