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July 1, 2022

Joshua Grolman, PhD

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

ICRF Research Career Development Award

Cells generate and sustain mechanical forces within their environment as part of their normal physiology. Cellular mechanics, the study of the mechanical properties and behavior of living cells, plays a major role in biological processes such as cell migration, cancer metastasis, and immune cell programming. The goal of Dr. Grolman’s research project is to develop new technologies that will make it possible to measure the forces that cells experience inside developing tumors and during their response to immunotherapy. A better understanding of the biomechanical forces that interact with the cell, the extracellular matrix, and other cells, should provide insight not only on cancer progression, but also on potential new drug and diagnostic targets.

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Honoring Dr. Jerry Gross’ Memory with Dr. Joshua Grolman’s Research

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