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February 1, 2022

February is National Cancer Prevention Awareness Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month

Cancer Prevention Statistics

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. An estimated 42 percent of cancer cases are attributed to potentially modifiable risk factors. Cancer prevention and early detection through screening can reduce the cancer burden. Some tips to include in your daily routine:

February is National Cancer Prevention Month Infographics

Spotlight on ICRF-Funded Scientists Working on Cancer Prevention

ICRF is currently supporting several projects in the area of cancer prevention. Learn about a few of the ongoing and newly-funded projects for 2021-2022 below:

Michael Elkin, PhD

Michael Elkin, PhD
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School
ICRF Project Grant Recipient

Ruth Perets, MD, PhD
Rambam Health Care Campus
Beverley Librach Abshez Initiative for Ovarian and Female Reproductive System Cancers

Lina Jaber, PhD

Lina Jaber, PhD
Hebrew University
ICRF Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipient

Help End the Suffering Caused By Cancer

The answer to cancer is research. Support groundbreaking cancer research in Israel today: