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July 29, 2022

Benjamin Berman, PhD

Hebrew University

ICRF Project Grant Recipient

The goal of Dr. Benjamin Berman’s research is to understand the genomic patterns of DNA methylation and other epigenomic markers that underlie gene regulation in human development and disease.

Dr. Berman’s laboratory has developed analytical tools to analyze methylation patterns from large scale sequencing data from individual patients. With funding from ICRF, they will develop computational tools to use these DNA methylation loss patterns to infer a cancer cell’s origin and evolutionary history, taking advantage of new technologies that analyze single cells to identify consequences of methylation loss for expression of genes that promote and prevent cancer. This may lead to identification of new cancer biomarkers and an understanding of which drugs can target cancers that exhibit characteristic methylation patterns. Dr. Berman’s lab will devise new tests for detection of these biomarkers in circulating cell-free DNA (sometimes referred to as a “liquid biopsy”).

“The ICRF Project Grant will allow my group to develop new computational methods to track the role of a normal cellular aging process (epigenetic degradation) in the initiation and progression of cancer. Our hope is that our work will lead to the identification of new biomarkers that can predict which drugs can effectively target the changes that have occurred in the cancer of a specific patient. The generous funding comes at a critical junction in my research path, as I transition from a U.S.-based lab to an Israeli one. ICRF enables scientists like me in Israel to conduct worldclass research.”

Benjamin Berman, PhD
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
ICRF Project Grant Recipient

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