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Zvi Granot, PhD

Zvi Granot, PhD

Grant Status

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Grant Type
Project Grant

Project Title
Neutrophil specific targeting of TORC1 Signaling as a Novel Mode of Cancer Immunotherapy

Tumor Types

Research Topics
Cancer Metastasis, Immunology and Immunotherapy, Inflammation and Cancer

About the investigator:

Dr. Granot studies the function of neutrophils in the context of cancer. He received his PhD from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, performed his postdoctoral training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Developmental Medicine and Cancer Research at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem.

About the Research:

Neutrophils are the most abundant white blood cells in the human circulation. Their main roles are to protect us from microbial infections and to participate in events of inflammation. Neutrophils also play a role in cancer where they can kill tumor cells and limit cancer progression. Unfortunately, the beneficial role that neutrophils play in cancer is often masked by factors generated by the tumor, which limit the cancer-fighting activity of neutrophils.

In previous research, the Granot lab identified such factors and has shown that if we modify neutrophils to function even in the presence of these factors, we can efficiently limit tumor growth and progression. In the current project, they will employ a novel platform to deliver drugs to neutrophils in a specific fashion. This platform enables them to modify neutrophil function while using very small amounts of drugs, thereby reducing the risk for potential side effects.

The Granot team will assess the therapeutic potential of using this platform to treat cancer by focusing on mouse models of breast cancer. If successful, this research may serve as the basis for future neutrophil-based anti-cancer therapies that may be applied to various cancer types.


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