Skin Cancers


​Listed below are some of the research projects that ICRF has supported in order to help eradicate Skin Cancers:

Cyrille Cohen, Ph.D.
Bar-Ilan University
"Development and study of a cell-secreted `ligand trap` to mitigate TGFb effects"
Topic:  Immunotherapy and Melanoma


Michal Besser, Ph.D.
Chaim Sheba Medical Center
"Predicting and controlling clinical response of melanoma patients receiving T cell therapy"
Topic:  Immunotherapy for Melanoma

Nathan Karin, Ph.D.
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
"The role of CCR5 in the mobilization of CD11b+GR1+ myeloid derived suppressor cells to the tumor site and it implications in melanoma"
Topic:  Melanoma


Gabi Gerlitz, Ph.D.
Ariel University
"The role of global chromatin condensation in melanoma cell migration"
Topic:  Malignant Melanoma Metastasis


Carmit Levy, Ph.D.
Tel-Aviv University
"Exploring miRNA role in melanomagenesis towards miR-based therapeutic approaches"
Topic: Melanoma